05 October 2006

Let's just ditch the Senate

This Liberal appointee has been booted out of caucus, is being investigated by the police AND NOW he wants taxpayers to pick up his legal expenses.
CTV News has learned that Senator Raymond Lavigne, sued for using his office staff to cut down trees near his cottage property, wants taypayers to pay for his legal bills.

Lavigne, who continues to sit on the Senate, was also forced to give back $23,500, which he allegedly spent on improper travel expenses. The RCMP is currently investigating the matter. Meanwhile, the cost of Lavigne's legal bills is estimated at almost $90,000.
These guys are sick of being treated like second-class citizens...
Other senators are seeking larger budgets as well. Liberal Senator Colin Kenny hopes to secure an increase for all senators' office budgets, from $135,000 to $200,000 a year.

"Well, I'd like us to move up to match the House of Commons," said Kenny, who drives a Jaguar with personalized Senate license plates.
So far this year, the Senators have been in session 34 days. It's a killer schedule.
Liberal Senator Marie-P. Poulin has almost managed to complete her full-time law degree while still sitting in the Senate.
And just think... that old meanie Stephen Harper wants to put a lid on the Cash-for-Life Home for old political hacks.

Yup... he's so scary.

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