21 October 2006

CSI Ottawa

In an earlier post I made a joking reference to the Liberals bringing in some outside agency to analyze the "Loose Pooch Tapes".

Apparently though, the Liberals were serious.
While a poll was being released about the Tories' popularity with women, the Liberals were contracting an audio specialist to scan the question period tapes and confirm MacKay's canine comparison.
I'm just hoping Bill Graham and the rest of the, oh-so-suddenly, feminista Liberals aren't using my tax dollars to pay for this. Actually, knowing the loose Liberal ethics on paying for stuff out of their own pockets, they're probably trying to co-opt the Communications Security Establishment to do this on the down-low.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking Belinda should take a little time off from chasing the "Athlete of the Week" and use some of her fortune to get an acting coach...
She recoils at the suggestion that perhaps the disappointment is slightly forced, that she and her party are all too pleased to take advantage of a laughable embarrassment to MacKay and the Conservatives.
Good grief... if any of you sheeple actually think this compendium of fake outrage and candy-ass platitudes is as important as the Liberal Party of Canada does, by all means vote in the totally discredited ex-premier of Ontario to lead you down the muddy, socialist garden path.

I think I'll stick with the man and the party, who actually give a crap that things get done.

UPDATE: LPT officially upgraded to Silly Ass Farce

Taliban Jack takes a break from surrendering to the terrorists to weigh in on the "Loose Pooch Tapes"...
"His apology should go to all women members of parliament and members of the country because I'll tell you one thing, it's certainly going to discourage women from seeking public office and in that, he's done a great disservice," Mr. Layton said.
LAST WORD: Craig Oliver must've shat himself
What do you think of the latest MacKay Stronach dust-up?

Apologize. Sexist behaviour which must be addressed.
6311 votes (32 %)

Ignore it. Typical of workplace romance gone bad.
13123 votes (68 %)

Total Votes: 19434

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