21 October 2006

Ralphie reaches for the stars

Is there anything the Liberal Party will not stoop to... to avoid actually getting anything accomplished?

I've got an idea. Let's just pull out of Afghanistan because the Liberals have gone absolutely apeshit over Belinda's, and I use the word loosely, "honour".
“This is not trivial,” Mr. Goodale said. “The instincts that give rise to this insult are fundamentally inconsistent with the values that make us a respectful and decent people. After depicting a woman as his dog, how can the minister of foreign affairs pretend to promote women's rights in Afghanistan or anywhere else?”

But Mr. Kenney again stepped up to respond, saying the Afghanistan link was “a little bit absurd”.
If this is really your idea of something that is earth-shakingly important... then God help the planet.

How many women on the board at Magna Int'l?

If Belinda's such a powerful advocate for women and wasn't just Daddy's little "9 million dollar a year" girl at Magna International, how come there aren't any women on the Board of Directors?
I would suggest that the member opposite who had the opportunities, at one time being recognized as the most powerful businesswoman in Canada, did very little about it. Consequently, when we look at her board at Magna, there is no female representation on that board.

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