27 October 2006

Liberals balk on gun crime

UPDATE: Libs stall Accountability Act
OTTAWA -- The Conservative government has begun picking out planks for its re-election campaign as it faces the overhaul or outright stalling of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cornerstone ethics legislation by the Liberal-dominated Senate.

Treasury Board president John Baird attacked the "unelected" Liberal-dominated Senate for revamping the government's accountability bill.

Jason Kenney, Parliamentary Secretary to Stephen Harper is making a plea for Parliament to cooperate in passing the Conservative's 'get-tough-on-crime' legislation.
“We would be delighted to pass all of those bills in this place forthwith and in the liberal-controlled Senate tonight,” Mr. Kenney said. “But we don't think the Liberals are serious about this... We want to act. We'll co-operate with any party to do it right here, right now.”
Apparently the Liberals just can't support the 'getting tough' part. Let's face it, if you're not prepared to crack down on thugs who use guns and violent, repeat sex offenders... who are you actually willing to go after?
Other parts of the Tory's justice reforms need more consideration, the Liberals said, including mandatory minimum sentencing for gun-related offences and the so-called three-strikes-you're-out legislation for violent and sexual offenders.
The Liberals spent over a billion dollars on the Farmer Bob Rifle Registry, knowing that it was an empty gesture that would provide opportunities for endless soundbites about 'fighting crime'. It also put hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in the hands of corporations and consultants.

Does that sound at all familiar?

Now that the Conservatives are actually proposing to crack down on the most brazen, violent offenders in society... the Liberals are running for cover.

So, the next time you read about a rape, or a murder, or someone killed with an illegal gun, remember that it's Bill Graham and the Libs who are losing sleep over the shooter's rights.

Just one more thing to keep in mind, come the next election.

LAST WORD: Why not use the Gun Registry?

There are always media quotes about police using the 'gun registry' 5,000 times a day. If that's true why is it useless here?
"Now the focus of the investigation is to determine the origin of the weapons seized and that will take some time," Palmer said.

"We need to know their background and whether they are registered or unregistered."

Palmer said it will take some time to trace the guns and police officials won't be commenting until they have more details.
Well, mostly because it's useless... period. As the Auditor General of Canada has stated previously, the Farmer Bob Rifle Registry is full of errors, dubious data and outright falsehoods.

In short, a waste of over a billion taxpayer dollars.

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