16 July 2007

Safety Break!

Nobody works... nobody gets hurt!
-- OTTAWA -- Canada must press for more efforts to prevent friendly-fire incidents where U.S. troops have mistakenly killed their Canadian allies in Afghanistan, the opposition Liberals say.
Yeah... maybe we can start a government sponsored "Don't shoot us, we're Canadians" program, huh? How about we spring Chuck Guite and Jean LaFleur early, to run the whole thing.

Say Denis... how come you aren't shedding any tears for the 1200 Canadians who are killed every year working on the family farm? I guess there's no making political hay out out of those inconsequential farmers dying, is there?

Can you say, "crass opportunist"?

Much like his bumbling boss, Steffi... Dogpile Denis Coderre wants Canada to shop around for a "safer war"... a war where, presumably, everybody gets to go home and live happily ever after.

Denis... let me help you out here.

War is a dangerous business. People will inevitably be maimed and killed and in the "fog of war" accidents do happen. Canadian soldiers... all volunteers by the way... are acutely aware of this fact. You would be too, if you weren't such an unabashed, kneejerk surrender monkey.

That's why it's called war and not... "Circle of Friends."

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