16 July 2007

Sovereign nation of Taliban

Declares war on Pakistan.
-- PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN -- Termination of the peace treaty, the hopeful handiwork of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, puts even greater pressure on the military leader as he struggles with both Islamic extremists and a gathering pro-democracy movement.
Say what you will about Pervez Musharraf, he's got some pretty big stones.

His so-called "treaty" with Islamic extremists in the "tribal lands" is part of a death-defying high wire act in this hotbed of islamo-trigue. Now the crazies have repudiated that agreement and are apparently bent on full out revolution.
Abdullah Farhad, a spokesman for the militants, said the ceasefire was terminated in North Waziristan, a remote area on the Afghan border where the United States worries that al-Qaeda has regrouped.

He said Taliban leaders made the decision after Pakistan failed to abide by their demand to withdraw troops from checkpoints by yesterday afternoon. "The peace agreement has ended," Mr. Farhad told reporters in Peshawar.
Perhaps this latest development will force Musharraf to sanction, or even support, greater US special forces activity in the troubled area.

The hard reality here is, if things suddenly go sideways for Musharraf, he isn't looking at impeachment hearings... he'll be lucky if he's actually dead... when the Islamo-screamers start sawing his head off his body.

They play for keeps over here.

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