20 July 2007

Shutting down the big city...

Or, how David Miller is saving Toronto...
Transit commissioners will hold an emergency meeting today to look at shutting down the $1-billion Sheppard subway line and boosting the cost of a token by as much as a quarter.

Mayor David Miller said the cash-strapped TTC has no choice but to look at taking extreme measures because city council this week voted to put off until Oct. 22 a decision on whether to impose an unpopular land-transfer tax and a $60-a-year vehicle registration fee.
Uh, Mr Mayor... how about scrapping the limo service for city councillors to save some additional money and show solidarity with affected city commuters?

Yeah, I didn't think so.
Councillor Michael Thompson, who is also a transit commissioner, contended the call for TTC cuts was a continuation of a fear-mongering campaign launched by Miller to gain support for the two taxes.
Geez... that doesn't sound very fair.

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