12 July 2007

I wonder if Swiss politicians...

Will be calling for a ban on mountain climbing?
-- ZURICH, July 12 (Reuters) -- An avalanche killed six Swiss soldiers on Thursday as they were climbing the Jungfrau, one of the country's most well-known peaks, in a training exercise, Switzerland's defence department said.

The six, who were linked by ropes in groups of three, were swept several hundred meters (yards) to their deaths.

The Swiss army regularly uses mountain territory for specialist military training.

That would be the "Layton solution."


Courage is... grace under pressure
"I have never felt prouder and more moved than seeing the thousands of Canadians saying their final farewells to our brave soldiers, while my son waves, saying, 'Go, daddy's boys,' " Dawe said, her voice catching in her throat.

She stopped speaking, and her father-in-law, Peter Dawe, handed her a glass of water. She sipped, then continued.

"My final message is to the boys in Afghanistan," she said. "I want to tell them and everyone how much I loved and supported Matt in his decisions and how much I love and support the boys overseas.

LAST WORD: A mother speaks up
-- KINGSTON, Ont. -- She will never know who killed her youngest son, but the mother of Captain Matthew Dawe says she knows what killed him.

“I think it was hatred and intolerance,” Reine Dawe told reporters Wednesday in a news conference at CFB Kingston.
He will be remembered.

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