22 July 2007

Pandering yet again

There have been laws against possessing unregistered handguns since the 1930's... and I'm pretty sure nobody has recently repealed the laws regarding murder... so what exactly is this idiot yammering about now?
-- TORONTO -- Toronto Mayor David Miller called Sunday for tougher gun laws after a spate of late-night shootings left an 11-year-old and two others dead in unrelated incidents.

“It's very clear that gun violence is connected to the ownership of guns,” Mr. Miller told the media.
Yeah... show me the connection here.

How exactly is going after legitimate owners of registered firearms gonna affect the overwhelmingly black-on-black gun violence that is plaguing Toronto-the-less-than-good?

If, in fact, police ever find the shooters, or the guns here... and with the less than spectacular cooperation from the "communities" involved, that's daily becoming less and less of a sure thing... they're gonna find that the guns in question were smuggled over our badly defended borders by one of Toronto's many criminal gangs.

Like the rest of Toronto's gun violence, these murders have nothing to do with legitimate owners and registered firearms.

Apparently though, no amount of factual evidence is gonna stop "Chicken Little" Miller and his progressive cheerleaders from trying to skew the responsibility here.

And where's Taliban Jack? If he really cared about saving lives maybe he could take a break from crapping on the military and hold a press conference demanding beefed up border security?

Yeah, right.

So what would actually do some good here?

How about more cops, less smoke and mirrors?

How about no more pretending the problem lies with law-abiding citizens?

Let's target the people pulling the triggers.

Don't be fooled... "Wake up and smell the socialists."

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