12 July 2007

The Musharraf regime has to stop...

Talking out of both sides of its mouth.
Revealing the delicacy of the situation, government officials on Wednesday alternated between reassuring the public that they were not waging war against all madrasas and at the same time trying to ward off further challenges to the state’s authority.
The Musharraf government has been walking a political knife edge for some time now, but making mealy-mouthed announcements just pisses off people on both sides of the Islamo-fence.
“The government of Pakistan has nothing against madrasas,” Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz told reporters Wednesday afternoon. “But any madrasa which violates the law or promotes militancy will clearly be dealt with under the law.”
And some compromises just fly in the face of reason.
Ijaz ul-Haq, the Pakistani religious affairs minister, broke down in tears on a television talk show. “God willing, we will continue to protect the madrasas the way we protect our homes.”
It's important to remember that Pakistan is a nuclear armed nation.

If the crazies get their finger on that particular button... we're all in for some endless summer nights.

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