11 July 2007

Just a little off...

The bottom.
-- BBC LONDON -- The Metropolitan Police is offering an unprecedented reward for information which would bring to justice anyone involved in female genital mutilation.

The long summer holiday is seen as the most likely time for parents to seek the procedure for their daughter as she has time to recover from what is usually a brutal ordeal before returning to school.

The procedure is in most cases carried out by older women who have no medical training. Anaesthetic is rarely used and the cuts are sometimes made with the most basic of tools such as razors or even pieces of glass.
I see stuff like this and I am struck dumb. It makes me want to cut pieces... say ears and noses.. off those responsible.

Thank goodness the police are not afraid to do the right thing here.
"This is child abuse. It is not an attack on anyone's culture, it is an attack on anyone who commits this horrendous abuse of children."

One woman speaks out
When Waris was five, her mother held her down on a rock while another woman cut off parts of her genitals with a razor blade.

What remained was sewn up with a coarse thread, with a tiny hole left through which to urinate.

No anaesthetic was used, and Waris' wound subsequently became infected.

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