12 July 2007

What woman could possibly resist...

This Prince Charming...
A warehouse manager who seduced a man's wife before demanding £1.4m to let him have her back has been jailed for six years by a Taunton Crown Court judge.
I guess there truly is "someone for everyone" in this cold, cruel world.
Peter Blair QC told the court that in February 2007 the businessman discovered his wife had made a banker's draft payment of £50,000 from their account to Cromie's.

She told him she was leaving him as it quickly became apparent her affair was back on. A day later she filed a divorce petition, as Cromie prepared his blackmail plan.
Fortunately, sometimes that big karmic wheel sometimes slips and rolls back over the truly unworthy.
He arranged a meeting with her husband two days later and outlined his demands - for £1.4m "he could have her back".

It was then the police were called.