10 July 2007

It's well past time...

To implement a surcharge on stupidity.
Jason Bedore pleaded guilty to charges including impaired driving and refusing to provide a breath sample during his appearance before Judge Geoff Griffin.

At the time, police said the truck, which was driven by Bedore, left the roadway and struck a hydro pole, "shearing it off at the base." The incident left a number of homes and nearby businesses without power for about an hour.
You've gotta love what happens next.
When asked by Griffin if Hydro One had been in contact since the incident, Bedore said officials had called him personally.

"They want 14 grand ($14,000) for the pole and everything," he said. Bedore was given a one-year driving suspension and was ordered to pay an $800 fine.
Which got me thinking.

Why shouldn't there be a surcharge on stupid, dangerous behaviour that damages other people's lives and property?

I mean... David Miller is on the verge of issuing a "get up in the morning" tax in Toronto.

How about we, (meaning civil society), in addition to the inconsequential penalties imposed by the criminal justice system, levy charges to specifically compensate victims of crime, or pay for the larger societal costs inflicted on us by these assholes?

It's worth considering.

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