09 July 2007

I'm guessing this must be...

The official language of the NDP...
Over a midmorning breakfast of waffles with whipped cream and bananas, Sonja Elen Kisa provides a crash course on her invented language, Toki Pona - "the simple language of good."

"Toki Pona is meant to focus on the positive, so negative thought patterns and cognitions can be transferred and eliminated by simply using the language."
Well, I don't know about that... aren't these meek & gentle souls simply gonna be cancelled out... by all the unrepentant warriors who speak Klingon?
Ms. Kisa, a linguist who is fluent in five languages, devised Toki Pona as a coping mechanism during a bout of depression.
You certainly have to admire the spirit behind the neurological tornadoes here.

Some people would have simply doubled down the Zoloft and blamed Dick Cheney for their problems. This lady went out and developed "ebonics for moonbats."

"Oooga shaka, ooga shaka..."


FROM THE COMMENTS: Special, my ass
It doesn't work, of course. People just learn to say the same things with different words.

Or as I overheard some high school kids say, "that's special with an R".

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