10 July 2007

Toronto ain't got nothin'...

On metrosexual, sophisticated Trenton, Ontario.
Charged with keeping a common bawdy house under Section 210 of the Criminal Code was Zhu Zhen of Trenton.

In addition, Chen Mei Dentin of Trenton was charged with being an inmate in a common bawdy house, also under Section 210 of the Criminal code.

Both are due to make their first appearance in court July 17.
So watch out David Miller... we've apparently got seedy, urban fleshpots out this way too.


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A Markham couple was ordered to forfeit a Hastings Highlands property and make a $10,000 charitable donation as part of an elaborate plea bargain with federal drug prosecutors, Monday, for their role with a $225,000 marijuana distribution scheme in Hastings County and Toronto last year.
Now, you might think this guy would be in serious trouble... but in Dalton McGuinty's Ontario, this is worth about 60 days in the pokey.
As part of the pact, Yi Qing Lai, 49 - who spent two months and eight days in custody after his arrest - will also spend the next year on probation after he pleaded guilty to a lone count of production of a controlled substance before Judge Kent Kirkland of the Ontario Court of Justice.
It ain't all just "dumb as dogshit" hayseeds out here in the rural hinterland, like the CBC would have you believe.

We're gettin' that cosmopolitan "big city" veneer.

Next thing you know we'll have the "Hastings County Plowing Match & Gay Pride Parade."

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