08 July 2007

Everybody wants to save the whales...

But nobody wants to help mom do the dishes.
-- SYDNEY -- Australia warned on Sunday of possible imminent terrorist attacks in Indonesia, including on the resort island of Bali, and told its citizens to think twice before travelling there.

And Australian Prime Minister John Howard on Sunday fast-tracked changes to immigration screening which match intelligence data with a person's travel and financial history to determine if they might be a security threat to Australia.
While Al Gore basks in the gazillion watt limelight of his power guzzling, carbon spewing, "celeb-fest", some people attempt to deal with a very real and imminent danger.
In 2002, bombs ripped through two nightclubs on Bali, a predominately Hindu island.

Members of the Southeast Asia militant group Jemaah Islamiah were convicted of the blasts, which killed 202 people, including 88 Australian holidaymakers.

Two years later the Australian embassy in Jakarta was bombed and in October 2005, 23 people, including four Australians, died in suicide attacks on Bali restaurants.
Big Al doesn't have to worry about stuff like that, with his "Secret Service for life" security detail and his million dollar mansions.

The rest of us just have to take our chances.

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