07 July 2007

The most distinguishing feature...

Of China's central food-safety regulatory system is that there isn't one.

Adding to the problem is rampant corruption. Officials can be bribed, and instead of shutting down illegal operations, many regulators just impose fines so they can collect more money in the future.
Economic dynamo, my ass.

China... poisoning themselves and the world.


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To high-speed railways... they just don't seem to care.
-- BEIJING -- Fake construction material is jeopardizing the safety of China's newest high-speed railway, a Chinese newspaper says.

An investigation by the newspaper found that large quantities of bogus material had been used in several hundred kilometres of a $12-billion (U.S.) high-speed railway between the cities of Wuhan and Guangzhou.

The newspaper, China Economic Times, said the scam by unscrupulous suppliers could lead to cracking in the railway's concrete supports, creating a “great danger” to the railway.
All aboard!!!

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