26 July 2007

Wanna see a liberal master strategist...

Try to make things better?
-- M.C. -- Didn't Randy Hillier's organization threaten to kill/harm/maim (MPP) Leona Dombrowsky? So isn't any woman who stands on stage with him a self-hating misogynist?
Hey Warren... keep digging.


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An eagerly anticipated auditor general's report into year-end government grants to ethnic groups with alleged Liberal party ties won't do anything to help the party's image when it's released Thursday, opposition critics say.
Despite the McGuinty governments best efforts to stonewall any investigation of their massive bribe-a-bloc initiative... this report is gonna surface at a very critical juncture.
The Liberals initially voted down an opposition motion to have the province's auditor examine how $32 million in grants were doled out to various multicultural organizations – some of which were said to have Liberal ties – at the end of the last fiscal year.

Instead, the Liberals passed a motion urging the grant beneficiaries to account for their spending and to report back within six months – a deadline that would have been after the Oct. 10 election – but later bowed to opposition pressure.
This is the sort of outright voter bribery that would have made Papa Doc Duvalier blush.
An Iranian community group, whose members include Ontario Liberals, received a $200,000 immigrant aid grant from the provincial government only three weeks after it was registered as a charity.
Shame on McGuinty and his shady henchmen.

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