18 July 2007

Cry havoc... and let slip...

The contemptuous curs of surrender...
The NDP has threatened to haul General Rick Hillier before a House of Commons committee unless the Department of National Defence explains within 10 days the “stonewalling and unreasonable delays in obtaining detainee records.”

Last week, Liberal defence critic Denis Coderre sent a letter to Information Commissioner Robert Marleau urging him to launch a formal investigation into the Defence Department's handling of the detainee documents.
Much like O.J. Simpson... Dawn Black and Denis Coderre just want a chance to go after "the real killers".

Of course, for the libs and dippers that'd be... you guessed it... Rick Hillier and the Canadian Forces.

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Every time our troops go head to head with these guys, they kick ass.
-- KANDAHAR -- An early morning patrol by Canadian and Afghan forces led to a full-scale firefight yesterday, leaving an undetermined number of Taliban dead and wounded, the Canadian military said.
Just a thought, but while we're at war with these cowardly, backstabbing, religious freakazoids... maybe the opposition parties could find somebody else's kids to piss on.

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