24 July 2007

You mean, taking gopher rifles...

Away from farmers isn't gonna solve the problem?

Does this mean we get our two billion dollars back?
Ephraim Brown wasn't shot because someone didn't lock up his gun properly. Neither was Jordan Manners, or any other kid who's been shot lately.

And yet, we've still got politicians pandering to white middle-class sensibilities with talk of tightening the gun registry.

Better that than demonizing the people living in the afflicted neighbourhoods, I guess.

THE NUMBERS: Who's capping who?
Of Canada's two million licensed gun owners... 0.00555%... used their firearm to murder someone.

On the other hand, in 2005, 64% of accused murderers had a prior criminal record, including 6% for homicide.
Yeah, that's what I thought.


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The Thinkright line... because it's way past time we actually let people use their own brains...
A new telephone number could prepare a family for a healthier meal.

The EatRight line, launched by the province, allows people to talk to a registered dietitian about what foods are good, what should be avoided, and the truth about trans fats, to name a few topics.
It's the eternal Liberal conundrum... how much "dumbing down" is enough?

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