28 July 2007

Taking aim at farmers and collectors

While these guys run amok.
Across the street, the young woman who works in her father's gas station has been robbed at gunpoint more times than she can count. Her brother has been stabbed twice.

Six years ago, a cop was shot next door.
Let's just blame the guns... cos' going after actual criminals is such hard work.


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It's too late to play silly games any more. If handguns are the cause of all this we have to ask why there are so few shootings in, for example, the Dutch, Ukrainian, Irish, Portuguese, Korean, Hindu or African communities.

LAST WORD: Ever wonder what Liberals do...

Instead of going after people who actually have broken the law?
Police in Canada's most populous province have the right to seize and destroy any car that has been modified for street racing, Ontario's top prosecutor claims.

“We don't need to wait until that car hits the road fully loaded,” he said, adding that modified cars are as dangerous as explosives, capable of causing catastrophic damage.

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