26 July 2007

No soup for you!!!

Reminiscent of a landmark episode of Seinfeld, here's a somewhat surrealistic moment in Canadian politics... wherein the Fiberals, Dippers and the Bloc-heads team up to piss all over our aboriginal brothers.
-- OTTAWA -- The three opposition parties have formed a united front to block the Conservative government's quest to pass a law that would make the Indian Act subject to the federal human rights code.
What's that scary Stephen Harper up to now?
Bill C-44 would remove a 30-year-old exemption of the Indian Act from the Canadian Human Rights Act and extend the reach of the Canadian Human Rights Commission over claims of discrimination that have been shielded because the Indian Act is outside the human rights code.

The Canadian Human Rights Act outlaws discrimination in employment and services on such grounds as sex, race, ethnic origin, and marital status. The exemption has been condemned time and again in Canada and at the United Nations.
Good grief... the scary neocons want to treat natives as equals. It's, well... outrageous.

Thank goodness for the enlightened left.


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An interesting point at the Broom
Reserves are largely excluded from human rights law because of a temporary 1977 exemption, designed to give First Nations time to prepare, that was never removed.

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