27 July 2007

Calling Taliban Jack

If we cut and run in Afghanistan... dropping the shithammer on all this can be on your tiny vestige of a conscience.


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Why is it NATO has to meticulously "investigate and prove" everything before catching the tiniest break... but the enemy simply has to hop around screaming "war crimes" and the media jumps in with both feet?
NATO and Afghan troops clashed with Taliban insurgents and called in air strikes, killing at least 50 suspected militants and dozens of civilians, including women and children, local officials and villagers said Friday.
Nobody ever seems to question why these "atrocities" always occur in remote Taliban controlled villages where you have to take illiterate, raggedy-assed Mullah Abdullah's word that all the village children were turned into crispy-critters.

Oh yeah... and don't worry about evidence... everybody's long since buried in our secret graveyard.

Wake up leftbots... it's called a propaganda war.

And you're aiding and abetting the enemy.


Remember Hezbollywood?

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