25 July 2007

Wanna see blatant media bias?

The Globe leads with a story implying the Harper government is blackmailing their own staffers to contribute money to the party... with a huge emphasis on how everyone is enraged at the allegedly coerced tithing...
Senior political staff in the Harper government say they have been asked to donate $1,000 to the Conservative Party, a move that has sparked resentment among some of the most stalwart supporters of the Prime Minister's Office.
You have to read to the end of the article to see what a non-story this piece of fluff really is...
When in government, the Liberals also encouraged their chiefs of staff to join the Laurier Club, a fundraising arm of the party that costs $1,000 to join for those over 30. Most agreed, said a former Liberal official, although some balked out of principle.
Slow news day in Ottawa, boys?

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