21 July 2007

Reading, writing and...

Ripping people to pieces... Italian police have raided a mosque and disrupted a "school for terror."
Police in central Italy say they have uncovered a bomb school for Islamist militants after raiding a mosque in Perugia and making three arrests.

Evidence of training in explosives and poisons, and instructions on flying a Boeing 747 were reportedly found. They seized the imam and two other men, all Moroccans, and have a warrant for a fourth man believed to be abroad.
Anybody who thinks the islamofascist jihad couldn't possibly affect their lives, should pull their heads up outta the sand.

They're coming for us infidels... and sooner than you think.


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-- SYDNEY, July 22 (Reuters) -- Australian police were investigating whether an Indian doctor detained on terror charges may have been plotting to blow up a high-rise building on the Gold Coast, the Sunday Mail newspaper reported on Sunday.

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