19 July 2007

A sense of unreality...

Doesn't seem like much of a defense strategy.
-- VANCOUVER -- The brother of Paul Cheema, husband of slain principal Shemina Hirji, spoke out in a radio interview Wednesday, saying it's “impossible” his brother is behind the killing.
I'm not exactly sure what brother Bob is basing his opinion on... because going by his past behaviour, Paul Cheema sure isn't looking like a knight in shining armour.
According to parole documents, in 1994, he kidnapped Ms. Singh at knifepoint, intending to take her back to B.C. However, Ms. Singh talked him into bringing her to a hotel in Winnipeg, where she fled from him.

In 1995, he attempted to kidnap her at her Winnipeg home, brandishing a silver handgun. Ms. Singh screamed, and her mother came to her rescue. The documents say he tried to shoot Ms. Singh's mother, but the gun did not discharge.
Now, while this sort of stuff is apparently not sufficiently alarming to raise a red flag at an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing, I'm thinking I wouldn't want this guy marrying my sister, or daughter.

Of course, that's just me.


UPDATE: Yeah, a gentle, thoughtful guy
He then returned to his hotel room and attempted suicide. Cheema was revived and further charges were laid.

Maybe it's not just me
Even though immigration officials ordered his deportation two years ago, Beckford, 41, remained in the country pending an appeal, and kept up his life of crime, committing another 17 offences.

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