12 July 2007

When they start hauling out...

The politically correct lexicography, the smart money heads for the private school system...
England's secondary curriculum is being overhauled to give teachers more flexibility in the classroom whilst focusing on the basics, ministers say.

A quarter of the school day is to be freed up so that teachers can focus more on individual students' needs.

But more subjects like personal finance and cookery are set to be included - plus languages like Mandarin and Urdu.
And when weasel words start tumbling around, like the center stage finale at Cirque de Soleil, it's time to duck and cover.
Schools Secretary Ed Balls pledged to enhance teaching of "the three Rs" and said there would be "no dumbing down".

And more topical issues relevant to youngsters' everyday lives would be introduced.

"It has always been the role of schools to respond to the needs of the time."

"Schools need the space to borrow great ideas from around the world".
Of course, I have to share my personal favourite
"This is not meddling, this is much greater freedom - but with certain clear things prescribed."
Because, unlike the middle-east and pretty much all of Africa and well... a big chunk of Asia and, uh... South America and the former Soviet Union... Britain has made such a hellish hash of things.

And we can't have that.

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