15 July 2007

Mourning the untimely passing...

Of some local heroes...
A year ago at this time, there were flowers blooming in the pillar-like wooden baskets running along the sidewalk outside the Hells Angels' lowertown Toronto headquarters, decoratively disguising the reinforced concrete barriers that were keeping any intruders at bay.
While it's true that nobody actually died here... you wouldn't know that from Mark Bonokowski's outpouring of grief for a local motorcycle gang.

Don't worry though... Mark's little morality tale does have a bad guy.
The Hells clubhouse on Toronto's Eastern Ave., seized in the spring during joint-forces police raids on the biker gangs' clubhouses across the country, is unquestionably suffering from neglect.
In this case, it's Stephen Harper.
It has gone to seed -- weeds, peeling paint, and litter -- and the only place where blame can be placed is with the federal government.
I'm actually a little surprised Bono didn't go all in... and blame Harper and the feds for selling ecstasy to your sons and putting your daughters "on the pole."

Will somebody please tell me how this sort of unadulterated crap passes for serious journalism. I'm thinking anyone stupid enough to be paying for a subscription to this kind of claptrap probably isn't really able to read.

I guess that's what the Sunshine girl is for.

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