15 July 2007

Running on empty

Another root causes myth bites the dust.

Guess what happens when you actually go out and use non-anecdotal methodology to see what's happening in that big, bad world?
People on low incomes have similar diets to the rest of the population, a government report has said.

The Food Standards Agency found that contrary to popular belief, nutrition, access to food and cooking skills are not much different in poorer families.
Of course, the leftbots would be happier if they could just skew the numbers a little...
Dr Alan Maryon Davis, president of the Faculty of Public Health said the results were surprising and experts had always thought the gap was bigger.

Although he added that if the results were compared with those in the most affluent sixth of the population there would probably be a greater difference.
I've got an idea... let's just compare the poor to Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel.

That'll make things so much clearer.

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