21 July 2007

Calling all CUPE dolls

No one is denying that the day to day situation in the Palestinian territories is an absolute and total mess...
With 47 per cent of the potential Palestinian labour force unemployed and a per capita income 23 times less than that of Israel, the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) has a difficult enough job.
What I don't understand, is how all the loony leftbot Hamas cheerleaders in the western world can sleep at night.
In June, the PGFTU said Hamas seized their headquarters and ordered the union's staff to discuss how they were to operate under Hamas rule. According to Shaher Saed, general secretary of the PGFTU, the union refused to negotiate.

As a result, Saed said, three assassination attempts were made by Hamas on Rasem Al Bayari, the union's deputy general secretary, which included a rocket attack on his home in January and the bombing of his office in February.
Maybe what we need to do is send an enlightened progressive like Sid Ryan to Gaza... to straighten out this misunderstanding.

Hey Sid... don't forget your kevlar.

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