30 July 2007

Ontario Liberals ponder ban...

On birthday parties...
Police have issued a Canada-wide-warrant for a 28-year-old who is wanted for second-degree murder after a man was stabbed Saturday morning.

Police are looking for Vimalathas Mohanarajah after they found Ajiganth Mahalingam wounded in an apartment building shortly before 6:30 a.m.

The 27-year-old was allegedly stabbed after a dispute erupted at a birthday party -- and police said the victim and the accused definitely weren't strangers.
The epidemic spreads... both Kimel Foster and Ephraim Brown were murdered at birthday parties in "Toronto the Good" last week.

At the very least we should be registering candles and party hats.

C'mon Dalton... let's stop the celebratory madness.

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