23 July 2007

Hold the presses...

I'm guessing Taliban Jack will be crawling out from under his rock momentarily.
-- KABUL (AP) -- NATO said six of its soldiers were killed during combat operations in Afghanistan on Monday, including four by a roadside bomb in the east where U.S. troops are based.
It's what he does best.


UPDATE: Wanna see some more willfully blind?

Here's the taxpayer funded propaganda ministry... the CBC.
Four U.S. soldiers have been killed by a roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan and two other NATO troops have died in other parts of the country, NATO said Monday.

A total of 114 NATO soldiers have died in Afghanistan this year, including 22 Canadians.
Now here's a Canoe.ca story posted about the same time that also covers the NATO casualties... but throws in some context.
In Helmand province, the U.S.-led coalition and Afghan soldiers “routed” a large number of Taliban fighters in a two-day battle, killing more than 50 suspected militants, the coalition said.

Coalition aircraft dropped four bombs during the engagement, and Afghan forces counted “more than four dozen” insurgents killed, it said.
"CBC --when you only need half the story."

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