09 July 2007

If the reports are accurate...

This is a huge intelligence coup for NATO forces...
Afghan intelligence sources have told Al Jazeera that four senior members of the Taliban movement have been captured in Pakistan.

The men are believed to include two senior aides to Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader, his chief of staff and the group's head of communications.

Pakistan's security services have refused to confirm the reports.

UPDATE: Scratch 4 "mad mullahs"

Confirmation on the high-value targets. These guys will be lucky if they ever see daylight again.
The source said those arrested included two men responsible for Mullah Omar's letters and communications. They have been named as Mullah Jahangir and Mullah Mohid.

Others now in detention are said to be Mullah Nazir, who was Taleban commander in the southern Afghan province of Uruzgan, and Mullah Tahir, the former Taleban commander for the capital, Kabul.

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