24 July 2007

If Michael Bryant put as much energy...

Into doing his job properly... as he did trying to "ban", for instance, dogs and handguns... there'd be a few less bodies littering the streets...

Witness the Ephraim Brown shooting...
The two men, just out of their teens, have a history of criminal charges. In Mr. Eubank's case, those charges include weapons offences, allegations he assaulted a police officer and, on one occasion, eight counts of failing to comply with bail conditions.

In March of last year, Mr. Eubank went to trial on multiple charges. After more than a week, the judge instructed the jury to return a not-guilty verdict.
As for the other man arrested in this case... apparently the first kid he shot was deductable.
In the summer of 2005, Mr. Sappleton was arrested and charged in connection with the notorious drive-by shooting that wounded four-year-old Shaquan Cadougan — charges that were withdrawn by prosecutors.
What law... what ban... does Michael Bryant imagine, in his wildest dreams, will stop these two predators from procuring and using guns?

So maybe before our esteemed Liberal Attorney General starts screaming about taking perfectly legal registered firearms away from law-abiding citizens... he should get his own house in order.

And get these assholes off the street for good.


UPDATE: The Globe & Mail weighs in
But the underlying problem of large, poor, fatherless families, alienated teens and a gangster culture transplanted in part from Jamaica is sinking its roots into Toronto, and will not soon let go.
And the Red Star has a postscript...
This was not the first time gun violence has touched the family.

Four years ago, Ephraim's uncle, Matthew Osborne, was shot to death in Scarborough. "No one ever expected to go through this again," said Ingrid Osborne, as she sat beside her sister.
So, eleven year-old Ephraim gets to hang out at 1:00 am at Banger Central... despite this previous family tragedy?

Are these people insane?


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Let's not overlook the unfortunate demise of Sean "Juice" James, or Kimel Foster, or Amin Aafi as well.

It could happen to anyone, huh?

I don't think so.

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