10 July 2007

Can somebody tell me...

Where Taliban Jack will be holding his press conference... or is that only when Canadian soldiers get killed?

Seventeen people, including 12 schoolchildren, have been killed in a suicide bombing in south Afghanistan, the country's interior ministry says.

Another 30 people were injured, some seriously, in the attack on a market place in Dehrawood in Uruzgan province, where Taleban militants are active.

The bomber blew himself up near a Nato-led convoy, police said.
I guess if you're trying to portray these homicidal sociopaths as beleaguered freedom fighters... it may be a little tricky to spin this one into political gold, huh Jack?

Say TJ, while we're at it... I'd be interested in how you rationalise this sort of thing, too.


Taliban allies ramp up campaign
TORONTO — NDP Leader Jack Layton wants Ottawa to demand a halt to U.S. and NATO air strikes in Afghanistan.

Layton tells the Toronto Star that he plans to take up the matter with Prime Minister Stephen Harper Tuesday.

The NDP chief says he’ll ask Harper to instruct Canadian representatives on the NATO council that oversees day-to-day operations to call for an end to aerial bombing.

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Anonymous said...

When will Jack Layton be travelling to Afghanistan for talks with the Taliban?

Neo Conservative said...

i'll kick in on that.


Mac said...

Taliban Jack is too busy, negotiating traffic in Toronto trying to get home so he can negotiate a meal for himself and his wife in the vain hope he can negotiate a little action tonight...