30 July 2007

Better late than never

Even terrorist cells can't keep a secret forever...
We went into the jungle (of British Columbia). There we joined a dynamite stick with a battery and triggered off a blast.

Lakhbir and Inderjit, even at that time, had in their minds a plan to blast an aeroplane. I was not too keen on this plan but agreed to arrange for the dynamite sticks.
Also interesting is the alleged targeted killing of Talwinder Singh Parmar by Indian police... apparently to cover a link to a police informer.
Sarabjit said the PHRO’s probe has shown that Parmar was killed to hide the name of Lakhbir, who was an Indian agent.

The PHRO told Canadian authorities that conclusive evidence existed of Parmar being killed in police custody and not in the "encounter" shown in FIR No 105 registered at Phillaur police station on October 15, 1992.

The PHRO report, AI Flight 182 Case, states "On October 14, 1992, a high-level decision was conveyed to the police that Parmar had to be killed..."
Police in India are denying that Parmar was murdered and have attempted to portray this version of events as a further coverup by Canada's national law enforcement agency.
Then Jalandhar SSP and now IGP, Satish K Sharma, denied the charge. “It was a clean encounter.

The RCMP is bringing this up because they botched their investigations and failed to get convictions,” he said.

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