29 July 2007

Politically Correct Silence Kills

What will it take to stop the madness?most wanted
"Why are we living like this, like animals, just shooting down one another?"
Not everybody in the black community is afraid to say it... and that's a start.

If no one is willing to admit what the problem is here... nothing will ever be done to fix things.

UPDATE: You'll never guess what happened...

AGAIN.insert alt text hereRapper Michael "Trick" George of the group "Lowlife" gets to live, so to speak, his art.
Homicide investigators are looking for the public's help in piecing together the details of the city's forty-sixth homicide after a man was found dead in a car early this morning.

Upon arrival, they found the body of Michael George, 25, inside his Chevrolet Malibu in the driveway of his residence on Wilcox Creek Pathway.

Police say he had been shot several times.
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Marla emailed me to say she thinks there is some sort of equivalence between the fatal shooting of high school student Jane Creba and the murder of Marla's friend, 31 year-old Sean "Juice" James.
Creba was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but you do not allow the same room for Shawn.

Why, because he is black, was on a street known for late night drug deals - late at night - and dresses a certain way?

Marla... are you accusing me of being a racist?  

Let me point out a couple of  glaring inconsistencies in your thesis...

ONE:  Witnesses state a cab rolled up on Sean at two in the morning in an area of the city known for prolific drug dealing... whereupon the occupants of said cab lit your friend up like the Honest Ed's marquee..

In the Creba murder, two gangs of young, armed black men started blasting away at each other on one of the city's busiest streets during retail shopping hours. 

TWO:  Neighbours identified Mr James as a drug dealer.

Now Marla, perhaps the witnesses are, for whatever reason, lying about your friend. It doesn't seem like the simplest, or most obvious explanation... but it certainly is a possibility.

Will you, in turn... admit that it's also possible that the media coverage is correct?

As for your comments regarding the Ephraim Brown shooting...

With Ephraim's family, that is where they were celebrating a family birthday etc. It may not have been the most responsible thing in the world to do, in hindsight.

But at the time, they probably were trying to enjoy themselves and not anticipating a gang member to show up and destroy their nice evg. People the world over -and here in Toronto, live differently from you, party differently from you and exist differently from you.
Marla... all I can say here is that, cultural differences and "partying differences" aside... letting an 11 year old child out at "Banger Central" at one in the morning is not only not, "the most responsible thing in the world to do"... it borders on sheer insanity.

And whoever decided to let Ephraim out at this hour, at this place will have to live with the knowledge that they could have... and indisputably should have... made another choice.

LAST WORD:  Back to the old country
Two men wanted for first-degree murder in connection with a fatal daylight shooting in Rexdale earlier this month are believed to have fled to Jamaica, Toronto police said.