22 July 2007

What goes up...

I'm guessing physics isn't a big favourite in Iraqi schools...
At least two people have been killed in Baghdad by gunshots fired to celebrate the Iraqi football team's quarter-final victory in the Asian Cup, police say.

At least 15 people were wounded when football fans fired weapons in the air across the Iraqi capital after their team beat Vietnam 2-0 in Bangkok.
Apparently in Iraq, simply cheering for your team is somehow considered inadequate... true sportsmanship requires suppressive fire.

This goes a ways towards explaining why... in the middle east... strapping explosives to your kids is considered an act of patriotic and military genius.


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You guessed it... the out of control police brutality in Toronto towards the visiting Chilean soccer team.

The cops prevent some sore-loser, third world soccer hooligans from beating up game referees... and it's another black eye for our repressive, racist system of government.
The confrontation between the Chilean soccer team and Toronto police rapidly escalated to become an international incident, with officials in Santiago laying the blame squarely on Canadian authorities.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet told local reporters she was dismayed with the use of "unjustified aggression" by Toronto police after a bloody brawl following a FIFA U-20 World Cup match late Thursday.
You get a whiff of what actually happened, near the bottom of the article...
When the final whistle blew and Chile had been shut out 3-0, the team started to go after the referees, egged on by an angry public audience. However, police ushered the refs away to the tunnels underneath the stands.
Of course, that's not how CTV chooses to spin this story.

Yup... no mindless, leftbot media bias here.

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