07 July 2007

Liberal AG wakes up from coma

Remember last month's... "Man gets house arrest for baby beatdown..."?

Looks like Liberal Attorney General Michael Bryant finally came to his senses...

The Attorney General is appealing the sentence - what one observer called "a slap on the wrist" - of a 23-year-old Madoc who man who attacked a four-week-old girl, crushing eight of the infant's ribs breaking an arm and a leg.
This decision shouldn't have taken 30 seconds... never mind almost 30 days.

It's time to do something serious about crime.

Friends don't let friends vote Liberal.

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John W said...

O/T slightly...Leo Teskey is having his trials re-done here in Edmonton. His convictions were overturned because a judge was late filing a written judgement.

If you looked up habitual offender in the dictionary, his picture would be there along with Serena Nicotine.

What can be done to show our justice system MUST be reformed..

John W.

Roy Eappen said...

This is probably partially because of you neocon, many of us have contacted the attorney general on this gross miscarriage of justice after reading about it here.