16 April 2024


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-- "University of Southern California valedictorian Asna Tabassum seems to want to earn a PhD in hate. Tabassum’s commencement speech has been torpedoed after she hit the beach of social media, retweeting demands calling for the 'complete abolition' of Israel. Not only did she comment on the Israel-Gaza battle, but she added anti-Semitic links." --
The growing cowardice in academia...
-- "USC, however, did not condemn the hate-fest and instead cited safety in removing Tabassum from the undergraduate commencement roster." --
Will Asna get out there like OJ and find 'the real haters?'
-- "Tabassum responded that she was 'both shocked by this decision and profoundly disappointed that the University is succumbing to a campaign of hate meant to silence my voice.'" --
And while we're on wife-decapitator OJ...
-- "The executor of OJ Simpson’s estate on Monday reversed course on his pledge last week to do 'everything in my capacity' to prevent the families of ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman from receiving a $33.5 million payout." --