23 October 2007

Now, if the deluded cheap-ass pinkos...

In the Liberal Party hadn't cancelled those helicopters... maybe there'd be a few less dead soldiers...
A loud bang, the acrid smell of explosives and a blinding cloud of dust indicated the Taliban had struck again – successfully.
Having the right equipment is half the battle... and fortunately, we're getting back on track.
The front end of the Husky was nowhere to be seen but the rest of it, including the driver in his cockpit, were OK.

"He said dammit, I spilled my water bottle," laughed De Wolfe, who was in contact with the other driver over his radio.

Cpl. Pierre Brule, 31, was greeted with applause and laughter when he entered the lead command vehicle later. It was suggested he should have to pay for the damages out of his salary.
Let's give our soldiers the tools they need.


UPDATE: Talk about perfect timing

Looks like somebody heard my plea.
-- WASHINGTON -- NATO plans to rent helicopters to resupply front lines and remote bases in southern Afghanistan – an unprecedented move that could reduce ground casualties even as it exposes the unwillingness of major European allies to send their choppers into dangerous, Taliban-infested areas.

Defence ministers meeting Wednesday in the Netherlands are expected to approve chartering up to 20 large helicopters, flown by civilian contractors, to provide vital airlift and reduce the number of military convoys exposed to roadside bombs.

Most Canadian casualties this year have been caused by roadside bombs.

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