21 October 2007

Hey ladies...

Are you looking for a unique educational opportunity?
-- RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- King Abdullah laid the cornerstone Sunday for a new coed science and technology university the government hopes will attract students from around the world.

KAUST will be the first public university in the kingdom to educate both male and female students.
Of course, none of the female students will be allowed to drive a car to get there... so there had better be some kickass public transit too.
Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi, who was in charge of developing KAUST, said the university will look beyond national borders to become "an international university that extends its hands and opens its doors to all talented scientists, distinguished researchers and promising students from the kingdom and from all the countries of the world."

It was not immediately clear whether the two sexes would attend classes side-by-side or be separated into groups.
No word yet either, on whether the school cafeteria will be serving bacon and eggs.

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