20 October 2007

You call it the Land Titles Registry

Hazel Hill and the Six Nations Confederacy label it "criminal acts by the Crown."
-- OSHWEKEN, ONT. -- On Wednesday, provincial negotiator Murray Coolican told Confederacy representatives that it is illegal for the recently created Haudenosaunee Development Institute to extract concessions or payments from private landowners.
You think you actually own the land your house sits on? Maybe you shouldn't be taking that for granted.
Developer Mr. Corrado called the Coolican statement "encouraging," but said he would have preferred it to come from Premier Dalton McGuinty or Aboriginal Affairs Minister David Ramsay.

"We'll see if they put their money where their mouth is and they defend land titles."
Sure... because Dalton has been such a standup guy about about aboriginal terrorism in the past, huh?

If you're gonna dream... it may as well be in technicolour.


"The Indian Act should be amended so that no aboriginal can ever hold legal title to any property since they may choose to sell it against the wishes of their progeny a hundred years hence."