16 October 2007

For better or, well, uh... death

Can somebody possibly explain what the hell is going on with these folks?
The authors of a new study say more than one-third of patients in Africa receiving HIV medication discontinue their treatment within two years.

The investigators found that two years after beginning treatment, only 61 percent of people on average were still taking anti-HIV drugs.
Are all of these people simply heading over to the local shaman, or worse yet, Dr. Beetroot?
Gill says the new challenge is to find ways to make sure people who are taking the AIDS drugs continue to do so. "What can we do to reduce the attrition rate from forty percent to ten percent. How do we make it better still?
That is the $64,000 dollar question, isn't it.

If avoiding a horrible, lingering death isn't enough of an incentive... I'm not sure how much further you can push here.

It sure puts 4 taser fatalities per year in perspective.

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