17 October 2007

Who is Reputrace...

And why are they so interested in CaledoniaWakeupCall.com?
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Which is a post related to the aboriginal siege at Caledonia, Ontario that I just put up the other day.

Well, it took about 10 seconds to google up what appears to be a combination of CSIS meets Maxwell Smart...
RepuTrace(TM) - The Corporate Security Intelligence Tool for small to large businesses monitors internal and external threats on blogs, forums,message boards, chat rooms, consumer sites, videos and images.

"Should you suspect an unsatisfied customer is spreading malcontent about your company, use CoreX to zero in on Web-based discussion forums.

You can even monitor developments within your workforce in the event you have difficulties with disgruntled employees or just want to ensure your personnel are generally happy at work.
Well... that certainly sounds like a worthy enterprise.

I guess Gary McHale isn't so paranoid after all.

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