18 October 2007



I'm not sayin' I get the same volume, or ferocity, of "hate mail" as a Kate McMillan or a Kathy Shaidle... but when a self-labelled Christian starts implying they'd be more than happy to harm your 11 year-old child... it's time to throw a little light in a pretty dark corner.

-- "It seems to me that with a father with a heart like yours raises a child, they could have some enemies." --

That's just todays offering.  

Anybody else get cowardly shit like this? 

UPDATE: And a few minutes after I post this... 

Somewhere, some strange person is sitting in front of a computer in an unwashed bathrobe... hanging on my every word.

-- "then in the after life you will be seperated(sic) from your son and wife, who hopefully and(sic) not the same type of evil as yourself." --

UPDATE2:  So many disturbed and dangerous people... 

...so little time...

"looks like i hit a nerve with you"

And all it took was threatening to harm my 11 year-old son. 


"As for your Mrs. Neo....I can just imagine what kind of woman could ever stand to be around...let alone touch a repulsive, vile, pathetic creature as yourself."

It must be pretty lonely sitting there... glorying in this sort of silly invective.

I guess your parents aren't paying much attention to you either, huh? 

 Maybe you and your less than literate friends can get some counselling together... and start to do something useful with your lives.