14 October 2007

Crazy Man dies at Vancouver Airport

And predictably... the official, state-owned, pinko media conglomerate is trying to stir up gratuitous outrage...
A man in his 40s died after being tasered by RCMP at the Vancouver International Airport early Sunday morning, police have confirmed.

Witnesses to the incident say the man was acting out, pounding on windows and threw a computer. Police said the man was yelling in an Eastern European language and was out of control.
The cops just can't win here... it's not like the CBC would have supported a decision to calm this guy down with, say... nightsticks.
Airport security called police, who used a stun gun on the man when he ignored orders to calm down.

The man dropped to the floor and police said it took three officers to put handcuffs on him. The man then lost consciousness.
Thank goodness these officers were able to intervene before Mr. Goin' Apeshit got ahold of some innocent bystander, or worse... some child.

Sadly... the "gods of statistical anomaly" just called this guy home.

An unfortunate, but not entirely unpredictable outcome.

Unless, of course... you're the CBC.


SIDENOTE: A warm welcome to all CBC acolytes readers

This is the first time I have been noticed by the Mothership.

For anyone interested in a little further heresy... I recommend a bit of this, this and this.


LAST WORD: A little perspective, folks?

So apparently there have been 16 taser related deaths in Canada over the last four years.

That works out to 4 instances per year.

Four deaths? There are probably more people killed every year in Canada... by lunchboxes falling out of the sky from highrise construction sites.

Remember also, that in each of these cases... those four people initiated some sort of outrageous behaviour that necessitated calling in the police.

So let's all calm down and look at the numbers.
From July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007 there were 237,931 deaths in Canada.
One percent of that number is 2,379 deaths. If I had a calculator handy, I'd figure out what percentage 4 people works out to.

But, my oh-so sensitive, socially progressive cohort... if you are truly determined to freak yourself out about tragic, premature death... you might do better to skip over tasers.
In 2004, there were 3,613 suicides in Canada, 28 of those were children age 10 to 14.
You wanna be some sort of "useful engine"... how about you focus on doing something about that?

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