30 October 2007

One Canadian wounded...

During running gun battle in Afghanistan, uh... Toronto's entertainment district...
A gun battle between gangs on a downtown Toronto street had Entertainment District patrons fleeing for their lives early Tuesday.

An innocent bystander “in the wrong place at the wrong time” was struck by a bullet, but his injuries were not considered life-threatening, Det. Peter Karpow said.
We're not just talking lone gunman here either... police apparently recovered 4 different sizes of shell casings...
“I believe there was some form of gang fight,” said Karpow. “The fact varying calibres of weapons were fired ... You’re looking at, at least, four different shooters.

Toronto Police were initially called to the Richmond-Peter Sts. area around 3 a.m. for the report of gunshots. They arrived to find one man wounded on the street and hundreds of people running for cover.
Happy clubbing, Toronto.


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Wait for the inevitable pleading for "members of the community" to step up and fight the insanity.
Karpow said this type of incident is going to continue to happen "until people step up to the plate and assist the police in these investigations."

Karpow is appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

SIDENOTE: Taxes... what taxes?

As Toronto slides slowly into the abyss...
As Joe Pennachetti, the city's chief financial officer rattled off a long list of numbers that would make a chartered accountant beg for mercy, many of the budget committee brains, including budget chief Shelley Carroll and Kyle Rae talked so loudly it was hard to hear the presentation.

When the 30-minute presentation was done and Coun. Doug Holyday -- the lone right-wing councillor in attendance -- tried to ask a question, Carroll cut him off. She said questions won't be entertained until Nov. 13.

As Holyday mused after yesterday's sham of a budget meeting, the presentation was just a "formality."

"I wanted to ask what's Plan B if the large grants (from the federal and provincial governments) don't materialize," he said.

"My question was politely put down."

LAST WORD: Toronto the Insane
According to Ab Campion, a spokesperson for the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, DNA Lounge faces an 18-day suspension in January for a variety of liquor licence infractions including drunkenness.

The club was also cited for overcrowding and allowing the illegal use or sale of narcotics in May of this year. And the club's licence was suspended for five days for overcrowding in March 2006.