22 October 2007

Here's how Dalton's Liberals...

Have been improving health care in Hastings, Northumberland and Prince Edward Counties...
The South East Local Health Integration Network says it is on target to compile a comprehensive list of residents in need of a family physician and to have it operational by the spring.

To date, however, the list hasn't moved past the planning stage.
Lemme see if I understand what's going on here... they're thinking about compiling a list of people who don't have a family doctor. Apparently though... that's a pretty tough nut to crack.

Yeah... we're still talking about making the list.
Brenda Snider, manager of volunteer services with Volunteer and Information Quinte, said she is still "very interested" in working on the project. Though the interest is there there have been difficulties in organizing a meeting among the interested groups due to scheduling conflicts, she said.

"We're just waiting for a meeting," Snider said. "I think it's very, very important that we all sit down and see what can be done."
Thank you very much, Premier McSlippery.

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