31 October 2007

It makes me think the Taliban...

Have been watching CTV news.
-- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AFP) -- Afghan and NATO forces have killed 50 Taliban rebels in three days of clashes and surrounded 200 others who occupied civilian homes in southern Afghanistan, police said Wednesday.

He said up to 200 militants have also been ringed by the Afghan and international troops, who are battling a fierce insurgency by the Taliban whose Islamist regime was ousted in late 2001 by a US-led invasion.

"They are using civilian homes as shelters. We are carrying out our operations very carefully so as not to harm civilians. Dozens of families have fled their homes to reach safety," he added.
Get ready... here comes the spin.
Taliban spokesman Yousuf Ahmadi said on Tuesday that the rebels had "captured Arghandab district".

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The only dancing here... will be on Timmy Taliban's grave.
"That two weeks later they were in there on roofs dancing — and inside his house — is devastating psychologically," Ms. Chayes said. "It’s like a psychological operation on the part of the Taliban, and I think it’s a very effective one."
Rest in pieces, Timmy.

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